Song That Radio
is broadcast in Vietnamese on KSJX 1500 AM
every Sunday from 7 P.M. to 8 P.M.

Song That Radio is a forum
  • to advocate the Vietnamese Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (VLGBT) community for visibility and acceptance in the Vietnamese community,
  • to educate both the Vietnamese heterosexual community and VLGBT community on LGBT issues,
  • to build a bridge of communication between the Viet heterosexual community and VLGBT community, especially between Viet parents and their VLGBT children,
  • to reach out to the VLGBT youths and adults who are still in the closet or not fluent in English, and
  • to educate the VLGBT community on HIV and AIDS.

Song That Radio is the first and only radio program for the VLGBT community. Our weekly program consists of community news, major concerns of the VLGBT, questions and answers on personal matters, special interviews, film reviews, poetry and prose by the VLGBT, music, etc.

Song That Radio is seeking help and support from everyone, especially those in the VLGBT community. Please contact us at:

Song That Radio
P.O. Box 51679
San Jose, CA 95151



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